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Winter Basics To Survive Cold Weather

If there is anything that I have learnt from living in Boston, it’s how to layer, stay warm and still look good. Layering is not an easy task. While wearing big bulky sweaters and thick layers would do the task, it would be too many things to take on and off and annoying to deal with the heat when indoors.

So, what’s the secret to staying warm and cozy all winter without the extra baggage?

The best way to dress is to invest in a thick windproof jacket and layer for winter, however, too many layers can be annoying and so I am sharing my winter staples that I use daily as well as in Autumn. These are investment pieces that will keep you warm and happy all the year round.

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1. Thermal inner wear: This is the most important piece of clothing! Thermals come in a variety of shapes, materials and textures. I have a few of them in different materials (from thinner pieces such as scoop neck shirt and tights to a turtle neck). On less windy days I opt for only the thin full sleeves shirts with a sweater. Other days, I wear a turtleneck to keep my self from freezing from the wind chill!

black uniq.jpg
Heattech Scoop Neck
Turtleneck Heattech Shirt
Picture pants.jpg
Heattech Leggings

2. Wool socks: Did buying wool socks change my life? Yes! I previously owned a bunch of thick socks but after wearing them for a 15-minute walk, my feet would already be frozen to the point where I couldn’t feel my toes. After buying my first few pairs of wool socks, I was obsessed! These definitely keep your toes warm and cozy!

amazn sock
Wool Socks
stripe sock
Jacquard Socks
MIRMARU M102-Women's Winter 4 Pairs Wool Blend Crew Socks Collection(Grey,Burgundy,Brown,Black),Medium / Shoe Size:6-9.
Wool and Cotton Blend Socks

3. Scarf: We all know how the wind creeps in when you out on a windy day. If you walk to work (New York, Chicago, Boston), this can be enough to make you sick. I always, always! Wear a scarf! A big chunky scarf not only protects your neck, but on those super uncomfortable windy days, it can provide extra insulation for your chest.

grey scarf 1
Two toned Wool Scarf
Cashmere Scarf 
scarf 2
Chunky Cape Scarf

4. Beanie: Beanies are super cute plus they keep you warm! My favorite one fleece lined ones in a neutral color like black which goes with everything!

beanie 1
Slouchy Beanie Hat
Soft Cable Knit Beanie
Bow Beanie
beanie 4
Pom Pom Beanie 

5. Teddy coat: This is my favorite wardrobe item at the moment. It’s warm and fuzzy and feels like a teddy bear hugged me! This piece can transition from fall to winter and on those slightly warm days (think 40 F), this is a perfect escape from your winter jacket!

Pixie Coat 
Leopard Coat
Faux Fur Jacket
Zip Front Teddy Coat

(Images are property of Shopbop and Amazon website. Click links to view details)

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Winter Jacket : COACH

Sweater and Scarf : UNIQLO



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Flare Affair

I have been following fashion week and couldn’t help but notice outfits with a flowy silhouette this season. For me, flared pants particularly stood out and I am currently loving this trend. They are not only comfortable but also very feminine and chic. Currently, there are a few different version, such as crop, high-waist and extra-flare. They all look great paired with heels and boots! I am sharing some of my favorites below:


1. High-waist Pants

I.AM.Gia Mia Pants

2. Plaid Pants

TOPSHOP Plaid Flare Pants, Main, color, BROWN MULTI
Topshop Plaid Flare pants


TOPSHOP Plaid Flare Pants, Main, color, NAVY BLUE MULTI
Topshop Plaid Pants

3. Stripe Pants

Vince Belted Stripe Pants


Fleur du Mal Trim Pants

(Images are property of Shopbop and Nordstrom. Click links to view details)

I hope you like these options and enjoy wearing them as much as I do!

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My Favorite Breakfast Recipes

Anyone who knows me knows that the first thing I need in the morning is coffee! With that being said, to start my day, I make my own breakfast, and in the meanwhile, also, set the tone for the day by making a general list of stuff that I was to get done that day. Breakfast, is definitely the most important meal of the day for me 🙂 It also helps to have a different options for breakfast so you don’t get bored.

With a fast paced life, sometimes it’s not always convenient to make breakfast.  However, there are some breakfast options that I will be sharing today, that you can prepare a night before and take with you to work.

1.Steel cut Oats with brown sugar, cinnamon and apples: This breakfast bowl requires preparation a day (or two) ahead of when you plan to consume it. You can make a small pot and eat it for the next 1-2 days or make it fresh every night. It really depends.  I usually use the organic steel cut oats and cook about half a cup with 2% milk and a bit of brown sugar. Once it’s cooked, I pop it in the fridge. In the morning, I add it to a bowl of apples and top it off with some cinnamon. It’s healthy and very filling!

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2. Chia Seed Pudding with berries and jam: This is a simple breakfast yet very easy to make. I simply mix 1/4 cup of chia seeds with almond milk in a mason jar, and make sure I stir it for about two minutes until I see the chia seeds floating throughout the liquid and not just sinking to the bottom. Then I add a bit of raspberry jam and some blackberries and blueberries. Place it in the refrigerator, so it cools and thicken, stir and enjoy! ( If you have to run out the door you can simply grab the jar and head out).

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3. scrambled eggs with mushroom, bell peppers, sour cream and avocado: This is my go-to on weekends! simply sautée the mushroom and peppers in a bit of olive oil and add the egg mixture( Beat two eggs with a tiny bit of milk, salt and pepper). Add a bit of sour cream and avocado. Savor!

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4. Everything bagel with cream cheese and avocado: The most filling breakfast for when you have a long day ahead of you! I simply get everything bagels, toast them and add cream cheese, half an avocado and sprinkle it with salt and pepper! Voila!

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I hope you try these and enjoy them as much as I do!

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Cozy Winter White Sweaters For An Effortless Look

No one looks forward to the cold! But I do love a cozy sweater when the temperature drops. Despite their simplicity, cozy sweaters with a simple pair of jeans or tights can really do the trick for an effortless look.

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Check out this cozy sweater with faux fur sleeves, for example. With some extra little touches like pearl hoops and eye catching mules, the off-white of the sweater really pops, resulting in a chic look with zero the effort!

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Below are some some cute sweaters that can achieve the same look (Images below are property of Nordstrom website. Click links to view details):

Cable Knit Sequin Sweater,                        Main,                         color, NATURAL
Cable Knit Sweater J. Crew
Cable Stitch Funnel Neck Sweater,                        Main,                         color, NORTHERN LIGHTS
Cable Stitch Funnel Neck Sweater Vince Camuto
Floral Border Embroidered Sweater,                        Alternate,                         color, IVORY MULTI
Floral Embroidered Sweater Topshop


Bobble Dashwood Sweater,                        Main,                         color, BRIGHT IVORY
Bobble Dashwood Sweater Madewell



Makeup: Day to night look

During the weekdays, it’s hard to apply a full face of makeup. Sometimes, it’s because you do not have enough time in the morning to do a full face of makeup, at other times, you feel it’s too much work. However, for days where I have activities planned through the evening, I came up with a quick makeup routine that takes me from morning to night. It’s not too much for the day and perfect if you are going out for dinner/drinks after work.

I start with applying a moisturizer, blend it in and make sure it’s absorbed. Then I apply a light primer (this is an extra step, but it helps the makeup stay put and last longer). I let it sit while I do my eyebrows and eyes. For eyes, I use brown or nude eyeshadow, apply a very thin eyeliner (mostly just at the lash line) and apply 2 coats of mascara.

Then I use a little bit of foundation (medium coverage-it’s better if you are only using it on a few spots) to conceal the under eye, nose or any spots that need it and blend it thoroughly. Sometimes, I switch it up, and only apply a tinted moisturizer along with some highlighter. If you have puffy eyes in the morning, I am linking a product by Clinique below that really helped with it. Next step is blush, which I apply lightly on the apples of the cheek and a bit of bronzer below the cheekbones. For the last step, I apply two coats of Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting lipstick.

I am linking all the products below ❤

  1. Primer: Laura Mercier radiance  Foundation Primer
  2. Tinted moisturizer: Tarte’s Tarteguard SPF 20
  3. Eyeshade: Smashbox Matte Exposure Palatte 
  4. Eyeliner: Clinique Pretty Easy Liquid Eye-lining Pen 
  5. Mascara: Diorshow by Dior
  6. Blush: Tarte Paaarty
  7. Bronzer: Bobbi Brown in Medium
  8. Highlighter: Benefit Watt’s Up
  9. Lipstick: Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick in Intense Nude
  10. Setting Spray: Urban Decay All Nighter Long -Lasting Makeup Setting Spray 


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Top 5 Lipsticks for Fall

With the arrival of fall, I get new candles (think musky scents, vanilla and cinnamon), switch my coffee to something more soothing and sweet tasting like caramel, pecan or vanilla spice. For me, change in the air is what’s so appealing about fall. This also means, warmer sweaters (#sweaterweather) and ankle boots. However, not so appealing side is the dry skin and chapped lips.  So, I decided that today I will share my go-to lipsticks for Fall (new season means new lipsticks too, right?). These are creamier and darker shades that keep your lips hydrated while providing rich color.

  1. Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in shade- CHAI

This handcrafted lipstick is a creamy mauve-brownand has a mint/citrus flavor. It’s made with 12 edible oils, which delivers consistent color and moisturization.

  1. NARS Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil in Shade- Walkyrie

My go-to shade for summer and Fall. It’s has a velvety-matte finish and is a pencil, so you can line and fill your lips at the same time. It’s a non-drying formula and easy to carry.

  1. YSL Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain in Shade- Rouge Tatouage

This is a lip stain and has buildable color.It smells amazing and provides up to eight hours of wear.

  1. Sephora Rouge Matte Lipstick in Shade- Super Hot

Perfect for a night out, the Rouge Matte has many shades that are perfect for fall.

  1. Stila Matte’ificent Lipstick in Shade- Bonbon

This is a warm brown shade, just perfect for fall and looks great during the day!



My top creams for dry, winter hands

It’s not unusual to see changes in skin when winter arrives. One area of the body that tends to get ignored often are the hands. The skin gets dry and flaky, and if it’s not moisturized properly, there are dry patches around the face and body. It’s always a good idea to start moisturizing before the dryness occurs, however, sometimes, the moisturizers don’t seem to make a difference. It’s not because they don’t work. It’s mostly because for winter we need something more heavy-duty, such as creams and butters as lotions work best in summers. After spending a few winters in Boston, I wanted to share some of the products that work in extreme weather (-15 F) and keep your hands soft and moisturized.

  1. The Body Shop Vitamin E Body Butter: This is a heavy-duty body butter. It can be used all over and does not have an over-powering smell like some other body butters. It hydrates for 24 hours and consists of Vitamin E and Community Trade cocoa butter.

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2. Lano Rose Hand Cream: This cream has a light texture and it absorbs readily and easily. It’s super nourishing and makes hands soft and hydrated instantly. The rose smell is a treat for the senses. This cream is cruelty-free and also free of sulfates, phthalates, parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oil, silicone and talc; also free of PEGs.

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3. Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief: I mostly use this at night, it consists of Vitamin E and Shea Butter. It smells amazing but is on the greasier side, which is why a little bit goes a long way. Perfect for use while in the office when you need some aromatherapy 🙂

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Lake Tahoe

20180812_123327-panoThis post has been long overdue. Lake Tahoe is one of the most magical places I’ve been to. It’s got amazing views, great beaches and scenic drives. We started our drive from San Francisco. The landscape changed as we drove further up north towards the mountains. I was planning to doze off a bit since we left so early but I couldn’t keep my eyes off the beautiful views. Halfway through our drive, we passed by a small town in El Dorado Hills, where we came across a great brunch spot called Milestone Restaurant & Cocktail Bar. I highly recommend the  Chicken Fried Steak! From there onwards, we passed by Eldorado National Forest as we made our way up the mountain. The views were unreal!

We decided to stay at the south side of the lake, as we felt like it had quick access to some of the regions best attractions (more on than later).  We stayed at the 7 Seas Inn,  a cute bed and breakfast run by a lovely family.

By  the time we finally unpacked and settled, we were approaching sunset. The host recommended we check out Secret Cove/Chimney Beach  on the east (Nevada) side of the lake. In order to get there we had to go through the Chimney Beach trail, which is where we started to experience the true beauty of the region. It’s much more beautiful than the pictures. The fresh air, sound of the waves and zero noise pollution. This was a perfect spot for a retreat. The sunset was beautiful!


d5a79c1e-e434-4ca6-935e-f348a1af1530To end the first night, we ended up at Lake Tahoe AleWorXwhich had the best pizza and beer on tap. They also had these fire pits with smoldering glass and great live music. I still dream about this perfect night! ☺

The next day we decided to drive and hike along the lake and we did our research before so of course, the first stop was Emerald Bay. The drive up was a bit scary for me, but OMG, the view was incredible!!! I am not exaggerating but mountains + bay+ pine trees+water= THE MOST beautiful view ever!



The pictures don’t do justice to it. If you only are passing by or have limited time in Tahoe, then Emerald Bay is the number one spot! I don’t think you will ever forget this view.


Once you park and get off, the hike down is worth it, with a cute little beach to take in the view of the bay.  We wanted to kayak to the little island in the middle, unfortunately, there were long lines and so that didn’t happen. You can book in advance though, so make sure to do so if you end up there!


We decided to move forward with exploring the other parts of the lake. Next stop was Meeks Bay, which is hands down the nicest beach in all of Lake Tahoe. The water was crystal clear with great views of the mountains in the background. We stayed here for a couple of hours, and soaked up the sun and the picturesque beach.


By this time, we were pretty much starving and so we headed to Sunnyside Restaurant & Lodgewhere we ordered the most delicious Zucchini fries and burgers, of course, again with a lovely view of the water! (the people who live here are soooo lucky!)


Next day, we headed towards the beach by Ski Run Boulevard and kayaked for a bit, then went to Basecamp Pizza. If you are here, you have to try the spicy Thai curry pizza. As weird as it sounds, it’s super tasty! I feel like Lake Tahoe in general just has great pizza joints!  We also stopped by Glen Alpine falls, but sadly, there wasn’t enough water as it was summer (didn’t think about it). I imagine It’s beautiful during spring time.


I love nature and after visiting Lake Tahoe, I have to say that it’s a must see. It’s relaxing, perfect for hiking and so stunning. Moreover, it’s the perfect getaway. I highly recommend the south and west side of the lake. We briefly passed by the north, but didn’t really notice anything that stood out when compared to the other areas.

I plan on visiting this place again during the winter, as I feel like it’ll be just as pretty with snow and equally as packed during the skiing season.